21st century chamber music

We are......
beautiful new music
embracing and inclusive

indie classical

Brother Tree Sound is a freewheeling indie classical music group. Curious by nature, we are proud to be style chameleons connecting with a wider audience through collectively interpreting the landscape and language of 21st century emotions, reinterpreting genre and encouraging new ways of listening.


Our second EP will be released on 31st July 2020 on Bigo & Twigetti. Check out our instagram and facebook pages for updates. 


In our first couple of years together, we have given first performances at St Ethelbergers, The Poetry Cafe London and October Gallery London of  10 new works one of which we were asked to record for the Bigo & Twigetti label for release in September 2018. We have forged a collaborative relationship with the writers group Write Young Things and given performances with original poetry alongside free improvisation and new works for our series 'Open Chamber'.


Our recording of Fiona Brice's String Quartet no 1 was given a spin on radio 3's Late Junction.    

We believe in collective equality; embracing and inclusive.  

We see art as a living thing, with constant new growth and direction, with roots to stay grounded, branches exposed and open to the elements of the world and its constant changes.

Individual members of Brother Tree Sound work with the top London orchestras, chamber groups and jazz ensembles, performing in all the major concert venues and festivals throughout the world.They have all met and played together as freelance London based musicians, be it  for chamber music festivals in Bordeaux, at the Barbican for London Jazz Festival, or playing in one of the BBC proms.


ADB 2020