indie classical

 'This feeling of the texture of the sound seems to be of primary importance to the players... These are performances where I was conscious of the magical physicality of the sound ' PlanetHugill

Brother Tree Sound is a contemporary classical group formed around the talents of Anna de Bruin, Thea Spiers, Peter Mallinson and Julia Graham. Together they are dedicated to encouraging new ways of listening through collectively interpreting the landscape and language of 21st century music. The groups recent recording of Fiona Brice’s Quartet no 1 has been played on radio 3’s Late Junction, Night Tracks and on BBC Sounds and their EP Interstices has been streamed hundreds of thousands of times across Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. The London based group play in concert halls, recording studios, clubs and non-traditional independent venues as well as regularly performing with many orchestras such as ECO, RPO, LCO chamber ensemble, London Contemporary Orchestra and BBCSO. They are equally at home with a variety of genres from folk jams at the local pub to the soundworlds of extended contemporary techniques. 

They have played together as freelance musicians for chamber music festivals in Bordeaux, at Ephesus in Turkey, the Barbican  Hall for London Jazz Festival, in the BBC proms and as Brother Tree Sound at poetry events with free improvisation and for first performances of many new works since forming three years ago. 

Brother Tree Sound’s open approach to repertoire sees them moving seamlessly from minimalism to neo-classical and experimentalism to laptop jams with space for some Ravel along the way. Their new EP Interstices released by Bigo & Twigetti on 31st July 2020 sees them continue to innovate by bringing together four quite different styles of music that seem to explore the same intangible idea. 

ADB 2020