Our recent projects include collaborations with fellow musicians, composers, arrangers, film makers, hoop artists, poets and curators. We have given performances at concerts and festivals, we continued to play music throughout 2020-2021 in cafe's and front porches, we filmed at home for Ben Nobuto's Bento Beats, we filmed on stage, wrote and arranged music for Watford Palace Theatre's Freelance Programme all of which you can check out here and on our new youtube channel

Brother Tree Sound and Symone

In April this year we spent a whole day at the beautiful Watford Palace Theatre recording six pieces of music for our project Take 5

Take 5 presents an array of music sorting each piece by mood. So if you would like to feel energetic, we have two suggestions for you -  Ben Nobuto's piece 'Skip' or the bluegrass folk classic 'Wheel Hoss', if you want to feel calm, we suggest some Debussy or Peter Fribbins. The piece by Herbert Howells is for when you need a bit of excitement or drama in your life. Happy Place is for when you want to dream a little.

Collaborations with other composers and artists are very important part of our work, so after meeting composer Ben Nobuto online during lockdown, we commissioned 'Skip' from him which we have a blast playing! We also so enjoyed meeting and working with our guest artist Symone who came and created hoop art while we played, seated around her on stage. We are so grateful to Watford Palace Theatre for enabling us to work with such talented people and for giving us the funding and a stage complete with lighting for a day.

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