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Join us this week on BBC Sounds with our recording of Fiona Brice's string quartet featured alongside some epic music; check out our facebook page for detailsWe are so excited to be releasing our new EP with Bigo & Twigetti on 31st July. We were featured on At Home with LMP last month. This is a fantastic collection of videos, blogs and playlists compiled by the London Mozart Players dedicated to bringing music, discussion and culture to your home during the current lockdown. They will be featuring our recording of Fiona Brice's Quartet no. 1, this time with a stunning new video by Aaron Parker. Plans are being made for more of our Open Chamber series at the Poetry Cafe, but since we are not sure when this will happen, we are currently making plans to have a Lockdown version of this event, so check into our Facebook page for information. 

Recent stuff.

We recorded the tracks for our new release on the download label Bigo & Twigetti last year and are just finalising the mixes before it is released. The result should be an exploratory adventure of music that doesn't shout, but persuades you into it's world with music by Peter Fribbins, Sam Cave and Andrew McIntosh.


10th Dec Poetry Cafe 7.30pm. OPEN CHAMBER - Call & Response. We had an evening of three parts intertwining performances of new music from Aaron Parker, Peter Mallinson and Anna de Bruin and poetry from Write Young Things. Thea Spiers came to join us later on for some free improvisation with Anna de Bruin to words read by our audience members. It was an evening of creative sharing and inspiration. We have another of these coming up  in March.

September 2018 - Fiona Brice string Quartet no 1 album launch.

OCTOBER GALLERY - London, with Fiona Brice and Marika Takeuchi.

The album features our recording of String Quartet no.1 released on the Bigo & Twigetti label. Two weeks after it's release the first movement was played on radio 3's Late Junction.

SEPTEMBER 2018 - WORKSHOP on Aaron Parker's two beautiful Minatures 'Binnorie' and 'Mažulyte' for violin, electronics and film. These are based on folk melodies and field recordings. They are beautiful, contemplative pieces. We will be performing them in London at the poetry cafe on 10th Dec.


We were recently in the studio recording strings for the independent documentary film 'Fatherhood' from director Ben Gregor about young people who have filled an empty space in their lives by creating or performing music. In this innovative fusion of documentary and music video, kids from Memphis, LA, New York and London talk about their absent fathers and write and perform original songs about them. The score for this beautiful and moving film has been composed by Michael Blainey.





St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

Fully charged contemporary chamber music. An evening featuring some amazing talent from several  composers with music by Brother Tree, Fergus Davidson, Fiona Brice, Anna de Bruin, Matt Collins, Dan Hewson and Trish Clowes. The writers collective Write Young Things  created their responses to the music we performed. Artists Sarah Reddyhoff, Reeve Massey and Stephen Morris also joined us for this project with their visual responses.

Call and response is a project with Brother Tree, invited composers and artists and members of writers collective Write Young Things. It is cyclical in nature, as it starts with the new music written by our composers, triggering responses from our artists and writers,  further developing when new musical responses to these words and art are then created. Written and visual responses have been chosen to replace the more traditional use of programme notes with something that can propel the listener into the music that they will be hearing for the first time. We invite people to connect with us if they are interested in joining in this creative project which aims to bring together a creative community.

Open chamber is an ongoing project. Please check our page dedicated to this platform for more information on events and how to get involved.

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